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99's Mother meets Max.

"Any friend of my daughter's is a son-in-law of mine" - 99's Mother.

Like her daughter and granddaughter, the name of "99's Mother" is never revealed.

She is a widow; her late husband, "a strange man but a good provider", was a spy. However, despite a number of obvious parallels - he talked into his suspenders rather than his shoe but, like Max, claimed to be a greeting card salesman - she never seems to guess Max and 99's true occupation. The only reference to her relationship with her late husband is when she knocks out KAOS Agent Simon the Likeable with a right cross punch to the jaw on the grounds he resembles her late and unlamented husband! [Episode #120: "And Baby Makes Four, conclusion".]

When 99 introduces her to Max she is living forty miles north of Twin Falls, Idaho, in potato-farming country, although it is unclear whether she is herself a farmer. Her neighbor, albeit briefly, is "Mr. Smith" - who turns out to be KAOS agent Siegfried. [Episode #88: "Snoopy Smart Vs. The Red Baron"].

Her friends are Alma & Archie and Hazel & Lester and she is an excellent cook. Her age as of 1969 is estimated to be "late fifties". [Episode #105: "Absorb the Greek".]

99's Mother visits Washington on at least three occasions: For her daughter's wedding [Episode #95: "With Love and Twitches"], for the birth of her grandchildren [Episode #120: "And Baby Makes Four, conclusion"] and, between those two, when 99 attempts to play matchmaker with her and the Chief. Unfortunately, in a case of mistaken identity, she is kidnapped by KAOS agents and has to be rescued by Max and 99, but 99 is able to convince her that the incident was due to competition between greeting card companies. [Episode #105: "Absorb the Greek".]

It is not explicitly stated but, after the birth of the twins, 99's Mother evidently moves closer to her family because she is now only a daytrip away [Episode #134: "Smartacus"].

Portrayed by Jane Dulo in four episodes:

  1. 88: "Snoopy Smart Vs. The Red Baron"
  2. 95: "With Love and Twitches"
  3. 105: "Absorb the Greek"
  4. 120: "And Baby Makes Four, conclusion"