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Siegfried (posing as stage magician): "I need a volunteer from the audience. How about you, sir? You look like a man of imagination and daring."
Max: "I think he means me, Chief."
Siegfried: "A man who is not afraid to face the terrors of the unknown."
Max: "I think he means you, Chief."

Get Smart Episode #33, Season Two #3.


When the Chief is kidnapped, Max decides to capture a leading KAOS agent to exchange for him, leading to a situation where neither KAOS or CONTROL has any agents left.


Max and 99 celebrate the Chief's birthday by taking him to a magic show. The magician, Siegfried, invites the Chief onto the stage to take part in a disappearing act, and it works so well that the Chief is nowhere to be found. All Max and 99 find is a note from Siegfried stating that he and KAOS have kidnapped him.

In the Chief's office, the agents initially try to figure out who's next in line to run CONTROL, but Siegfried calls and declares that he wants to meet with Max in the park to discuss an exchange. Max and Siegfried meet in the park and, after a lengthy process of disarming themselves, agree to a trade. In exchange for the new laser-powered X-11 missile detector, Siegfried will return the Chief. Max agrees and gives him a dummy X-11 briefcase, only to get a dummy Chief in return.

Max then decides to kidnap Danker, KAOS's top assassin, and force Siegfried to trade the Chief for him. KAOS kidnaps another CONTROL agent in retaliation, sparking a escalating chain of kidnappings as KAOS and CONTROL keep trying to get ahead of each other. Eventually, Max and Siegfried are the only agents left. When negotiations for trades fail, they grudgingly agree to return everybody to their proper positions.

In a parking lot, the kidnapped agents are escorted between parked buses as they are traded back to where they belong. The trades complete, Siegfried taunts Max by saying "Leave the spying to us" as his bus drives off. The Chief orders that their bus return them to headquarters, but Max is unable to comply as Siegfried has kidnapped their bus driver.




Weapons and Gadgets[]


Reality Check[]

  • The title refers to the Biblical injunction of "an eye for an eye" found at Exodus 21:23–27.
  • When Max and Siegfried have a show-and-tell of deadly weapons, Max shows an unusual non-regulation pistol called XKE-500 which he claims will make a hole as large as an ashcan cover and that he bought it from a Chicago mail-order house. In fact it's an automatic Mauser C 1896 pistol.