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"It's me, Maxwell. Admiral ... Oh, darn. I know it as well as my own name."
— Admiral Hargrade
Admiral Harold Harmon Hargrade
Admiral Hargrade
First Get Smart Appearance A Man Called Smart, Part 2
Additional Episodes A Man Called Smart, Part 3

The Return of the Ancient Mariner

With Love and Twitches

Affiliation CONTROL
Gender Male
Family "Sons"
Famous Quote "Will somebody give me a little push?"

The first Chief of CONTROL.

According to the 1967 CONTROL files, Admiral Hargrade was then ninety-one years old, giving a birth year of about 1876, America's centenary year. (He claims to have danced the Virginia reel with author Louisa May Alcott in 1886 when he would have been about ten and she fifty-four [Episode #94: "The Return of the Ancient Mariner"].)

He started out in the espionage business with his own company - Harold Hargrade & Sons, Spies - before entering government service in 1909. Judging by his rank and uniform, this presumably involved time spent in the navy. It may be further speculated that a stint with Naval Intelligence would be a logical precursor to being tapped to head up the new CONTROL agency. The Admiral's reference to the president as "Herbert" suggests that this took place during the Hoover administration (1929-33). He retired in 1946.

In 1967, with the American people in a panic over the threat to the water supply following the theft of Formula 6076767, the current president (LBJ) calls Admiral Hargrade back to active duty to reassure the nation. [Episode #59: "A Man Called Smart, Part 2" and Episode #60: "A Man Called Smart, Part 3".]

The following year, Admiral Hargrade returns to Washington to take part in an important briefing, as well as to pitch in the oldtimers' softball game against the CIA. Due to the Admiral's disregard for his own safety, the Chief orders Maxwell Smart to ask the Admiral to be Smart's best man to give the Chief an excuse to give him protection. However, this does not prevent the Admiral being briefly kidnapped by his nemesis, the KAOS disguise expert known as The Chameleon, who attempts to take his place at the meeting. All ends well when the Chameleon is exposed and the Admiral is found in time. [Episode #94: "The Return of the Ancient Mariner".]

Admiral Hargrade is then able to fulfil his duties as Max's best man, a task he carries out with enthusiam - until he falls asleep during the ceremony, snoring at just the right moment to save Max from hearing the judge speak 99's name. [Episode #95: "With Love and Twitches".]

When asked, Admiral Hargrade attributes his remarkable longevity to "prunes"  [Episode #94: "The Return of the Ancient Mariner"]. His hobbies include chess and burying old buddies  [Episode #59: "A Man Called Smart, Part 2"].

Portrayed by William Schallert.