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This article refers to Agent 13 in the original series and associated productions. For the character portrayed by Bill Murray in the 2008 movie see Agent 13 (2008).

Agent 13
Agent 13 takes a lunch break in his locker at Washington Airport

[Episode #36: "Casablanca"]

First Get Smart Appearance The Only Way to Die
Affiliation CONTROL, PITS
Gender Male
Family Mother

Agent 13 is a CONTROL agent who is often sent on field reconnaissance missions where he has to hide in unlikely places such as mailboxes, washing machines, lockers, trash cans, or fire hydrants. Unlike his predecessor, Agent 44, Agent 13 would reply in bitterness as an effect of his cooped-up state as he tends to resent his assignments. Agent 13 featured in several season two episodes. His mother is also a spy but, says 13, "I don't think she's on our side" [Episode #49: "The Mummy"].

Hiding Locations[]

Hiding Place Episode Comments
Mailbox #34: "The Only Way to Die" 13 is discovered in the box by a passing policeman and arrested. When Max finds him missing, he concludes that 13 has "been mailed".
Towel warmer at Dobring's barber shop #35: "Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine"
Locker at Washington airport #36: "Casablanca"
Trash bin #37: "The Decoy"
Inside the Rembrandt painting, The Man in the Golden Helmet at the museum. #42: "Bronzefinger" Becoming delusional, 13 falls in love with the painting of a "little Dutch girl" in front of his (actually Rembrandt's Young Woman at an Open Half-Door.)
Safe in the Chief's office. #42: "Bronzefinger" Noting that the safe is awfully small, Max asks 13 how he got in there. 13 tells him the Chief gave him the combination.
A scale outside Kilmen's Pet Shop. #43: "Perils in a Pet Shop"
In a sofa at Tracy Dunhill's party. #45: "Kiss of Death" 13 pops up from under one of the sofa cushions. When female agent 93 pops up from the other end, 13 explains that since he was assigned to keep surveillance at a party the Chief let him bring a date.
Ice vending machine #46: "Someone Down Here Hates Me"
A Pot Plant at the museum. #49: "The Mummy"
Fireplace in Prince Abou Ben Boobie's hotel suite. #51: "The Man from YENTA"

13 is concealed in the chimney, not only looking for KAOS agents, but spying on the Prince's wives as well, until 99 put a blanket in front of the fireplace.

Cigarette vending machine at Washington airport. #54: "The Expendable Agent"
Washing machine at Three Brothers Omniwash #60: "A Man Called Smart, Part 3"
Locker at Washington airport (again) #63: "The Spy Who Met Himself" In the adjoining locker is 13's double from the KAOS League of Impostors.

In addition to the above, 13 reports on the location of KAOS robot Groppo from a position on Highway 81. Max takes the call on his shoephone but 13 is not seen or heard onscreen [Episode #68: "When Good Fellows Get Together"].

Agent 13 as he appears in The Nude Bomb.

After the deactivation of CONTROL in 1974 ["15 years ago" in Get Smart, Again!], 13 is next seen working for PITS - the Provisional Intelligence Tactical Service. He is delivered to Max's new condo in a filing cabinet (although Max describes him as a "top drawer" agent, he is in the bottom drawer) and is assigned to assist Max in thwarting the KAOS threat to destroy all fabric thereby rendering the world nude. To this end he conducts surveillance and reports from inside a magazine and from various nooks and crannies in an airplane (where he locates a hidden bomb) finishing up in the plane's toilet where Max inadvertantly flushes him [Movie: "The Nude Bomb". There is disagreement about the context of these events with some arguing that the film takes place in a separate continuity].

In 1989, when Max sets about reactivating CONTROL, he finds 13 in his filing cabinet in the building housing CONTROL's old files. Things have been slow, he says, with only part-time spying now. He joins Max in fighting the new threat, reporting from a fire hydrant despite the danger of passing collies [TV Movie: Get Smart, Again!"].

By 1995, 13 has retired to Florida but, as favor to Max, "Uncle Agent 13" assists Max's son, Zach, now an agent with the revived CONTROL, by providing information from a bowl of coleslaw at a diplomatic reception [GS95 Episode #3: "Goodbye Ms. Chip"].


Agent 13 is portrayed in all his appearances by David Ketchum, except in The Nude Bomb where he is portrayed by Joey Forman.