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Agent 22
Max and 22
First Get Smart Appearance The Nude Bomb
Affiliation PITS (Provisional Intelligence Tactical Service)
Gender Female
Family None known

PITS agent assigned to work with Maxwell Smart to thwart a KAOS threat to destroy all fabric thereby rendering the whole world nude.

22 is the widow of the late, great Agent 78. According to 13, 22 was 21 when she married 78 in '72, and joined PITS when 78 died in '75 (investigating the numbers racket). She majored in vanishing at the Spy Academy and is an excellent marksperson, being able, at a distance, to prevent Max from mistakenly shooting at her at their first meeting by putting her bullet in his barrel - much to Max's annoyance.

Despite this less than perfect introduction, 22 soon finds herself impressed with Max's response when KAOS attacks them with the old big, black truck trick - falling over backwards, allowing the truck to pass over him and coming up shooting - even when he explains that he slipped on a banana peel.

Max has just moved out of his old apartment and into a new condo, from which can be inferred a separation from 99, when 22 comes to see him to resolve their differences. However, he rebuffs what he interprets as her advances, saying that he's "not easy" and never fools around during a case, before adding, "After, definitely". 22 seems pleased at the prospect but, although they work well together to bring the case to a successful conclusion, there is no evidence that the relationship is ever consummated.

Throughout her years of government service Agent 22 has developed a reputation for professionalism and reliability. As the Chief of PITS puts it, "She's always there when you need her".

Portrayed by Andrea Howard [Movie: "The Nude Bomb"].