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Agent 42 as seen in "When Good Fellows Get Together".

Agent 42 may refer to:

  • CONTROL agent found dead and toothless, presumed killed by KAOS, after carrying microfilm hidden in a false tooth cap [Mentioned, Episode #44: "The Whole Tooth and..."].
  • CONTROL agent mentioned in testimony given by the fake Smart to the board of inquiry set up to determine which is the real Maxwell Smart after an impostor shows up at CONTROL headquarters [Episode #63: "The Spy Who Met Himself"].
  • CONTROL agent who assists Max in preparing Hymie for his confrontation with new KAOS robot Groppo [Portrayed by Martin Ashe, Episode #68: "When Good Fellows Get Together"].
  • Agent laid off during the first 1969 budget cutback as one of the five agents who have been with CONTROL for the shortest amount of time [Mentioned, Episode #102: "The Day They Raided the Knights"].
  • CONTROL agent deemed to be the only one "experienced enough, intelligent enough and brave enough" to track down a revolutionary new "jet copter" stolen by KAOS agents. However, Agent 42 comes down with chicken pox and Max is assigned the case instead. [Mentioned, Comic Story #13: "The Captured Copter Caper"].

It is not clear whether any of these references is to the same individual.