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Agent 66
First Get Smart Appearance Get Smart (1995 series pilot)
Affiliation CONTROL
Gender Female
Family None known

Experienced CONTROL agent assigned to work with the newly promoted Zachary Smart.

Like Zach's mother, grandmother and sister, the name of his partner is never revealed, although she claims that it is tattooed somewhere on her body.

At first reluctant to work with the neophyte, after the success of their first mission together she finds her attitude toward him softening and she tells him that now that they are partners she "might just let him look for it."

Agent 66 has a polymath background which has supplied her with a variety of useful skills including modeling ("Would've been a waste of Grade A meat if I hadn't", [GS95 Episode #1: "Pilot"], dealing blackjack [GS95 Episode #2: "Casino Evil"], singing [GS95 Episode #4: "Shoot Up the Charts"] and speaking Swedish ["Doesn't everybody?", GS95 Episode #7: "Liver Let Die"]; and she has had a commercial pilot's license since she was sixteen [GS95 Episode #5: "Passenger 99"].

An experienced traveler, 66 has been to Paris 22 times, lived in Rio for a year and owns 2 karaoke bars in Tokyo [GS95 Episode #3: "Goodbye Ms. Chip"]. She hates the color orange - "it doesn't even rhyme with anything" [GS95 Episode #1: "Pilot"].

Portrayed by Elaine Hendrix in all seven episodes of the Get Smart (1995) series.