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Agent 77 in his guise as a building inspector.

A CONTROL Agent 77 is seen or mentioned on three occasions. It is possible that the first two are the same man,

  • Unseen agent who reports on the search of Washington airport after the murder of scientist Dr. Pliny [Episode #36: "Casablanca"].
  • Agent 77 then poses as a building inspector to investigate the Jericho Construction Company which is suspected of being a KAOS front. 77 falls to his death from one of the company's buildings. According to Maxwell Smart, who witnesses the tragedy, he "broke his glasses and everything". [Uncredited, Episode #52: "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho".]
  • The number is later assigned to Chuck Armstrong who, unknown to CONTROL, is actually an ape controlled by renegade scientist Dr. Mathew Rath. Ironically, Armstrong is also killed by a fall from a building - the top of Max and 99's apartment building. [Portrayed by Charles Bateman, Episode #122: "The Apes of Rath".]

In addition, in a comic story predating all of the above, Agent 77 is seen throwing a bucket of water on an explosives-laden animated wax dummy of Maxwell Smart which turns out to be the real Max after all [Comic Story #3: "The Dumb Dummy"].