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Agent 8 1/2 in the ball return chute.

"I've got a bump on the back of my head the size of a bowling ball. Wait a minute. That is a bowling ball."
- Agent 8 1/2.

CONTROL agent contacted by Max and 99 in his hiding place staked out in the ball return chute for lane number two at a bowling alley which turns out to be the distribution center for the League of Bald-Headed Men, KAOS's smuggling unit.

He is to identify a man who is said to resemble League member Sommers and who is due at the alley at 9:00. 8 1/2 hopes the man will not be late because it's Wednesday night and "it's my bowling night."

He later attempts to help Max and 99 against Sommers and his men, but is knocked out by a bowling ball.

Portrayed by Gino Conforti [Episode #91: "Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend"].