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Max: "How come you're out of breath?"
99: "Well, I had to run all the way downstairs to answer the phone."
Max: "Oh, were you upstairs?"
99: "Well, I'd like to be. It's just that every time I start upstairs, you call and then I have to run all the way downstairs to get the phone."

Get Smart Episode #119, Season Five #7.

Note: This is the first episode of a two-part story. However, as Season 5 is the only one with onscreen episode titles, that title is used here, eschewing the practice of numbered parts adopted for previous seasons.


Maxwell Smart is working simultaneously on trying to find the location of KAOS's new secret headquarters and on preparing a map of the shortest route to the hospital where 99 is to give birth. Inevitably he confuses the two.








  • 99 tells Max that the hospital where Max takes her during a practice run at the beginning of the episode (Polk Memorial), is not the hospital where she is to have the baby, but oddly does not draw the same conclusion when they arrive at the Sunny-Slope Sanitarium.

Reality Check[]

  • The title refers to the song "My Blue Heaven" dating from 1924 which includes the lyric "Just Molly and Me/And baby makes Three". A film titled And Baby Makes Three was released in 1949. It is perhaps an unfortunate choice in that it gives away the "surprise" - the fact that the Smart baby is in fact twins.