And Baby Makes Four, conclusion
Original Air Date November 14th, 1969
Writers Arne Sultan Chris Hayward
Director Don Adams
Season Five
Episode Number 120
Villain Simon the Likeable, Kruger
Previous Episode And Baby Makes Four
Next Episode Physician Impossible

Get Smart Episode #120, Season Five #8.

Note: This is the second episode of a two-part story. However, as Season 5 is the only one with onscreen episode titles, that title is used here, eschewing the practice of numbered parts adopted for previous seasons.


Max and 99 attempt to escape from the clutches of KAOS and get to the hospital in time for 99 to give birth.








  • 99 gives birth to twins in this episode, the only one in which both babies are actually seen. Like her mother and grandmother, the girl is never named but twenty-five years later the 1995 revival series reveals that the boy's name is Zach.
Introducing the twins

Introducing the twins

Reality CheckEdit

  • The title refers to the song "My Blue Heaven" dating from 1924 which includes the lyric "Just Molly and Me/And baby makes Three". A film titled And Baby Makes Three was released in 1949. It is perhaps an unfortunate choice in that it gives away the "surprise" - the fact that the Smart baby is in fact twins.