And Loving It!

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Get Smart Novel #6.

Plot[edit | edit source]

AND LOVING IT! is Max's latest - and perhaps greatest - case. Just imagine Max and 99 battling the paralyzing, petrifying powers of Guro Optimo, a mind-manipulating Indian hypnotist, and his merciless master, Lucky Bucky Buckley!

To save the world from falling under Optimo's sinister spell, Max and 99 team up with - of all people - a Kaos agent named V.T. Brattleboro. Unbelievable things happen to the Control-Kaos combo inside Buckley's evil medieval castle. They are menaced by brainwashed guards, giant crocodiles, and a monstrous avalanche of peanut brittle!

But can Max really trust Brattleboro? Or Brattleboro trust Max? And can 99 trust either one - especially Max?

The Chief of Control is sure that this time Max is in over his head. But he needn't worry, for Max doesn't have a fearful bone in his body or his head. As always, he's ill-prepared for danger of any kind - AND LOVING IT!

- from the back cover.

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