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Boris may refer to:

Boris, Badeff's henchman.

1. KAOS agent, henchman to Badeff [Episode #26: "Hubert's Unfinished Symphony"].

Boris, Siegfried's driver.

2. Siegfried's chauffeur who drives blindfolded so that he will not learn the location of KAOS hedaquarters [Episode #48: "Cutback at CONTROL"].

Boris, Sydney's uncle.

3. Leader of a group of KAOS agents plotting to kidnap visiting British scientist Professor Whitaker and uncle of agent Sidney. Portrayed by Herb Ellis [Episode #54: "The Expendable Agent"].

Boris the waiter.

4. KAOS agent, waiter at the Pen & Quill restaurant and henchman to the Maestro. Portrayed by Gil Perkins [Episode #76, "The Little Black Book, Part 1".

Boris, Magruder's henchman.

5. KAOS agent, henchman to Miss Magruder [Episode #81: "Operation Ridiculous"].

6. FLAG agent in pursuit of the runaway computer in robot form known as Fred. Boris's origins are not revealed but his distinctive accent, use of the words da and nyet and his offer to take Fred to Siberia give the lie to his claim of being a Southern tourist from "Zinzinotti, Alleybama" [Novel #1: "Get Smart!"].