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The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States government.

There is a certain amount of rivalry between the CIA and CONTROL, with their relationship being sometimes collaborative and sometimes competitive.

  • A CIA agent named Adam is one of a number of Western undercover agents who infiltrate a group of KAOS agents who are plotting to blow up the Pentagon [Episode #16: "Double Agent"].
  • When CONTROL suffers a budget cutback the Cone of Silence is leased to the CIA. Congress can't cut the CIA's budget because nobody knows what their budget is [Episode #65: "Maxwell Smart, Private Eye"].
  • Because CONTROL is relatively unknown compared to the CIA (which is in the news all the time) or the FBI (which has its own TV show), the Chief arranges for a writer from Weeknews magazine to write an article about them [Episode #81: "Operation Ridiculous"].
  • Operation Starch is turned over to CONTROL after the CIA has worked on it unsuccessfully for several months [Episode #88: "Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron"].
  • After someone feeds a deck of cards into CONTROL's X-22 Computer all it will do is play poker with the CIA computer. It can't be reprogrammed because it's $32 behind [Episode #92: "The Worst Best Man"].
  • Admiral Hargrade, CONTROL's first chief, visits Washington to take part in an important briefing, as well as to pitch in the oldtimers' softball game against the CIA [Episode #94: "The Return of the Ancient Mariner"].
  • When CONTROL agent Roberts's life is threatened, a CIA agent is requested join the CONTROL agents protecting him. He's stationed on the window ledge of the 81st floor of the Kensington Building, which overlooks the entire area. This is apparently the most dangerous assignment; the possibility that he might fall off being why they asked for a CIA agent [Episode #122: "The Apes of Rath"].
  • When Max is snowed in in Miami, the CIA assigns Agent Quigley to accompany 99 on a mission to the Arctic to investigate the unusual weather [Episode #125: "Ice Station Siegfried"].
  • Overseas CONTROL agent Stella Mason is divorced from Harley Mason of the CIA [Episode #126: "Moonlighting Becomes You"].

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