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"I wouldn't say there are a lot of Chiefs here tonight, but the only thing that's missing is a wigwam." - Maxwell Smart, hosting the 1967 CONTROL Chief's Awards ceremony.

CONTROL Chiefs attend the award ceremony conducted by Maxwell Smart (right). The golden pistol trophies are seen on a table to his left.

An awards ceremony held at the CONTROL Chiefs' Convention.

This is evidently an annual event but details are known only of the one conducted in 1967 at the Washington headquarters by Maxwell Smart.

Votes are tabulated by the accounting firm of Price, Sloan & Stern, represented at the ceremony by a Mr. Harper who is forced to wear a blindfold because, as Max explains, "this is a secret organization, you know."

The trophy is in the form of a stand-mounted, working, golden pistol.

Awards presented include:

  • Top Achievement of a CONTROL Scientist; won by Dr. Hans Svenson for 25 years of experimental research in the field of hormones.
  • Excellence in Judo and Karate by a CONTROL Chief; won by Chief Susuzi Sakamoto of Tokyo.
  • Defector of the Year; intended to be presented to Siegfried of KAOS, who also receives honorable mention for the Benedict Arnold Medallion. However, Siegfried's so-called defection proves to be a hoax.
  • Chief of the Year; expected to be won by Washington's own Chief but in the event perhaps not awarded due to the ceremony being interrupted by the revelation of Siegfried's duplicity mentioned in the previous item.

[Episode #55: "How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying".]

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