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# rule appears in notes
1 Never leave your secret code book on a lunch counter Novel #1: "Get Smart!" The first three (at least) appear to be general rules for secret agents, not just CONTROL.
2 No names! Novel #1: "Get Smart!" "If you go around mentioning names you're liable to find out that you and your adversary are both working for the same client. It could get sticky." - Maxwell Smart.
3 Never give the enemy his gun back. Novel #1: "Get Smart!"
13 Concerns use of the Cone of Silence. Episode #12: "My Nephew the Spy" Evidently, the cone must be used for reporting vital information even if there is nothing to report.
17 Concerns breaking down doors without knocking... Novel #1: "Get Smart!" This one is not precisely enunciated. Max simply explains that "this is how it's done."
22 If you can't win on the up and up, then cheat. Novel #1: "Get Smart!"
23 Never knock Texas. Novel #1: "Get Smart!" "We have a large Texas contingent. They demanded that we insert that rule or they'd secede and start up a Secret Service of their own."
27 You must always live by the rules of the book. Episode #12: "My Nephew the Spy"
343 Concerns accident and hospitalization insurance. Episode #65: "Maxwell Smart, Private Eye" Cited by Max over a jurisdictional query about a potential injury sustained after business hours during a fight that started before business hours.
? Never interrogate a female suspect without another agent present. Episode #11: "Too Many Chiefs" Allegedly made by the Chief's wife.
? A rule against hiring ex-convicts Episode #44: "The Whole Tooth and..."