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Captain Groman.

Peg-legged master of the freighter Evening Star, World War II veteran and, as it turns out, the KAOS agent responsible for the theft of the plans for the nuclear amphibian battleship that Maxwell Smart is trying to recover, and the murders of Max's waterfront contact man and International CONTROL agent Inspector Sehokian.

Groman's given name is Wolf but the crew calls him "Harvey". During the war he sank two ships - one on each side of the conflict.

The interchangable wooden legs replacing his missing limb conceal weaponry - one a blade and the other a shotgun, both of which he uses in attempts on Max's life.

Note on Spelling[]

Although the joke regarding the Captain's oriental servant Ming is obviously intended to refer to the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the name is consistently pronounced as in "growl", "Groman" is the spelling used in the credits.

Portrayed by Harold J. Stone [Episodes #27 and 28: "Ship of Spies, Part 1" and "Ship of Spies, Part 2"].