Colonel von Klaus.

Major domo to King Charles of Caronia.

It is von Klaus who hatches the plan for Maxwell Smart to impersonate the King while Charles recuperates from an assassination attempt despite Max's objection that he could get killed, replying "We have everything to gain and nothing to lose". Von Klaus then oversees Max's training for the role [Episode #74: "The King Lives?"].

The following year Von Klaus accompanies the King on a diplomatic mission to the United States [Episodes # 106 & 107: "To Sire, With Love, Parts 1 and 2"].

Note: When von Klaus first introduces himself he pronounces his name as "von claws". Max, who has chronic trouble with names at the best of times, repeats it to rhyme with "house". Oddly, when they meet again in Washington, von Klaus now pronounces it this way as well.

Portrayed by John Doucette.