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"Yes Jasmine. I won't forget it. Well, see you Mr. Jasmine.. er.. Bunny"
— Maxwell to Agent 99 and Conrad Bunny
Conrad Bunny
First Get Smart Appearance Our Man in Toyland
Affiliation KAOS
Gender Male
Family None Known
Defeated by Arrested by CONTROL
Famous Quote "Where's my monocle?! I'm helpless without my monocle."

Monacle-wearing KAOS agent and manager of Bowers Department Store in Washington D.C. who carries a toy rabbit.

While using the department store as a front, Conrad Bunny, along with his assistants, smuggled information out of the country by hiding tapes containing missile plans inside talking dolls. His plan was foiled and he was arrested when CONTROL agents 86 and 99 infiltrated the store.

Portrayed by John Hoyt [Episode #4: "Our Man in Toyland"].