Get Smart actor and writer.

David Ketchum is best known to Get Smart fans for his portrayal of Agent 13 in (appropriately) 13 original series episodes, as well in the "Get Smart, Again!" reunion movie and an episode of the 1995 revival series.

Ketchum also co-wrote (with Bruce Shelly) Episode #72 "Classification: Dead".

Appearances as Agent 13[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode #34: "The Only Way to Die"
  2. Episode #35: "Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine"
  3. Episode #36: "Casablanca"
  4. Episode #37: "The Decoy"
  5. Episode #42: "Bronzefinger"
  6. Episode #43: "Perils in a Pet Shop"
  7. Episode #45: "Kiss of Death"
  8. Episode #46: "Someone Down Here Hates Me"
  9. Episode #49: "The Mummy"
  10. Episode #51: "The Man from YENTA"
  11. Episode #54: "The Expendable Agent"
  12. Episode #60: "A Man Called Smart, Part 3"
  13. Episode #63: "The Spy Who Met Himself" (also as 13's League of Impostors lookalike)
  14. TV Movie: "Get Smart, Again!"
  15. GS95 Episode #3 "Goodbye Ms. Chip"

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