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"The old picture in the keyhole trick."
Maxwell Smart

Diplomat's Daughter was the second episode of the Get Smart tv show. Its was the first episode to appear in colour. It was also the first appearance of recurring villain The Claw.


After a succession of blondes are kidnapped, Max is assigned to protect a visiting princess who is believed to be the intended target.


Maxwell Smart is on a new assignment, he has to guard Princess Ingrid ( aka Ingrid Svensson), the daughter of an important ambassador of Scandinavia. All goes well, until they are followed by Oriental members of KAOS. While Agent 99 guards the girl, Maxwell follows them to their hideout. There he meets the The Claw, head of the oriental branch of KAOS who has a mechanical claw attached to his right arm. He has his henchman, Bobo torture Maxwell Smart. Smart avoids them by accidentally releasing a smoke pellet which floods the room with intense smoke. Max breaks into a dance club that The Claw was using as a KAOS front. The Princess coincidently arrives at the club looking for fun but Max and 99 capture The Claw before any harm comes to her.





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  • This was the first Get Smart episode to be filmed and telecast in color. By the 1965-66 television season, about 95% of NBC's prime-time lineup was in color.
  • The Claw holds a Chinese-rendered version of George Washington in his hideout.
  • Writers Gerald Gardner and the late Dee Caruso later went on to scribe 22 installments of The Monkees.