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Donald Snead disguised as a hot dog and pennant vendor.

KAOS agent; Snead and his partner Mrs. Emily Neal are experts with CAD, the Contrived Accident Division.

Snead and Mrs. Neal are assigned to ensure the victory of the Iron Curtain team at an athletics meet by arranging "accidents" to befall the Free World contestants but their plans are thwarted by CONTROL agents including Maxwell Smart and Hymie the Robot.

Realizing that when one works for KAOS, failure can be fatal they agree to take "a permanent leave of absence". Their ultimate fate is unknown.

Portrayed by John Orchard [Episode #83: "Run, Robot, Run"].

Reality Check: The characters "Donald Snead" and "Emily Neal" parody "John Steed" and "Emma Peel" from the TV series "The Avengers"