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Dr. Madre.

Scientist who spends five years working for KAOS (and wrapping for Ohrbach's during the Christmas rush) developing a process for turning paper into a liquid solution.

After intercepting the map to the Melnick Uranium Mines which KAOS had been looking for, Dr. Madre arranges a clandestine meeting with Maxwell Smart and, having transformed the map into liquid form, slips it into Max's drink. He then informs Max that he must remain vertical for 48 hours until the map appears as a rash on his chest. Unfortunately this is less than a day before Max's wedding to Agent 99, leading to complications and hurt feelings when neither the Chief nor 99 (nor her mother) believe his explanation for why he wants to postpone the ceremony.

When KAOS agents track down Dr. Madre they forcibly bring him to Max's apartment where they keep them both prisoner while waiting for the map to break out. Fortunately, Max's best man, Admiral Hargrade, arrives and Max is able to use the distraction for all three to make their getaway and get to the wedding where Dr. Madre's presence convinces Max's friends that his story was true and the map is real.

Portrayed by Alan Oppenheimer [Episode #95: "With Love and Twitches"].