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Dr. Ratton.

Once-respected scientist who turned to evil because "good just didn't pay well enough".

Ratton is best known as the creator of Hymie the robot [Episode #19: "Back to the Old Drawing Board"].

Initially employed by KAOS, Hymie eventually joins CONTROL instead.

Convinced that it is Hymie that gives CONTROL its advantage, KAOS calls upon Dr. Ratton to create an even more powerful robot to destroy him. The result is Groppo. In a short-sighted move, before sending Groppo after Hymie, KAOS agent Spinoza orders him to destroy Dr. Ratton, to ensure that KAOS will be the only organization with "the ultimate weapon" [Episode #68: "When Good Fellows Get Together"].

Portrayed by Jim Boles.


  • In a possible continuity error Ratton appears to die twice: once when he was shot by Hymie the Robot in "Back to the Old Drawing Board" and secondly when he was killed by Groppo, although in the former instance he may simply be unconscious.