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"Doc" Simon as she appears in The Impossible Mission...

Scientist who operates from a laboratory hidden backstage at the Golden Rooster Follies Theatre where she also maintains a cover as a chorus girl. Access to the lab is through a wardrobe trunk door.

...ready for a performance...

Dr. Simon's inventions include a computer trumpet which can play any song by itself [Episode #87: "The Impossible Mission"] and special golfing equipment: irons scientifically designed to hit a ball straight every time, a magnetic ball to home in on the cup for putting, and a golf-shoe shoe phone variant [Episode #104: "I Shot 86 Today"].

...and in I Shot 86 Today.

Portrayed by Ann Elder [Episode #87: "The Impossible Mission"] and Sharon Acker [Uncredited, Episode #104: "I Shot 86 Today"]. She is also mentioned in Episode #123: "Age Before Duty" indicating that although unseen her tenure has extended into the following season five.

Reality Check: Dr. Simon is named for playwright and screenwriter Neil "Doc" Simon, an erstwhile collaborator with Mel Brooks on the variety series Your Show of Shows.