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Dr Steele.

CONTROL toxicologist who operates from a laboratory hidden backstage at the Golden Rooster Follies Theatre where she also maintains a cover as a chorus girl. Access to the lab is through a wardrobe trunk door.

Steele's qualifications include six years at Johns Hopkins, four years at the Winthrop Institute of Research and two years on the road with Hello Dolly [Episode #81: "Operation Ridiculous"].

As one of the world's greatest experts in the field of drugs and poisons, nine out of ten doctors who get poisoned come to Dr. Steele [Episode #72: "Classification: Dead"].

When Max introduces her to Weeknews magazine writer Mr. Fitzmaurice he describes her as "CONTROL's chief scientist" [Episode #81: "Operation Ridiculous"] but it seems unlikely that this equates to the position of Head of the Lab Section, since, unlike the similarly disguised Dr. Simon, she is never seen to work outside her specialty.

Her accomplishments for CONTROL include saving Maxwell Smart's life by discovering an antidote to the delayed-action poison administered to Max by an aide to KAOS's Mr. Hercules [Episode #72: "Classification: Dead"]., and developing the Gay Deceiver - more commonly known as the "lie pill" [Episode #75: "The Groovy Guru"].

On the negative side, Steele herself became one of three victims of a unconciousness-inducing pellet from the pencil-blowgun of KAOS agent Magruder, requiring an antidote developed by a Professor Stamen to revive all three [Episode #81: "Operation Ridiculous"]

Portrayed by Ellen Weston in three episodes:

#72: "Classification: Dead"
#75: "The Groovy Guru"
#81: "Operation Ridiculous"