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Max stuffs the expando-rice into a keyhole.
Seen in Episode #14: "Weekend Vampire"
Kind of device Explosive
Organization CONTROL
Used by Maxwell Smart and Agent 99

"That's really wild rice!" - Agent 99

Explosive material disguised in a bag of rice supplied in CONTROL's Newlyweds Kit.

In use the rice is emplaced inside the appropriate object such as the keyhole of a door of a locked room. A "fuse" is prepared using the Ignito-paste also supplied in the kit and that is then lit. Judging by the name, detonation causes the rice to expand, destroying the object from within.

If not detonated, the rice appears to be quite benign, also being sprinkled on the agents' shoulders as a part of the Newlyweds cover.

[Episode #14: "Weekend Vampire"].