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Fred is said to resemble the Tin Man seen here as he appears in The Wizard of Oz (1939 film).

Super computer in robot form named by his inventor Blossom Rose after her cocker spaniel.

Fred is described as looking like the Tin Man - pointed tin hat, tin torso, tin arms, tin legs and tin feet. He also has a lever at his side, slot-machine style. After a coin is dropped in his slot, the lever is pressed and his eyes revolve while he's thinking. When he is ready to speak, three lemons come up, implying three eyes.

Burdened by the responsibility of harboring the knowledge to give one country control over all others, Fred runs away, pursued by Maxwell Smart, accompanied by Blossom, and a number of FLAG agents, representing various countries all wanting him to work for them.

Fred first takes refuge in the United Nations Building where he registers himself as the emerging country of Fredonia, then in the Idyll Hour Café in Greenwich Village where he passes himself off as a beat poet. After being discovered there, he moves to the offices of worldwide manufacturing organization Typewriters, Computers & Stuff where, after spending almost an entire afternoon rising through the ranks, he becomes president of the company.

Finally, after rejecting all offers made by the various agents, Fred decides to return to the U.N. where he "can work not for one nation, but for all nations. All that are paid-up members, anyway."

[Novel #1: "Get Smart!"]