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Secret formula which CONTROL has divided into three parts so that if KAOS got hold of it they wouldn't be able to use it.

The Chief arranges for each of the three parts to be hidden at one of the three places that Agent 99 is to visit as part of her wedding preparations:

  • the bridal shop, where she is given a piece of material with metallic threads running through it, actually micro recording wires that contain the first part of the formula;
  • the catering service, where she is given a sample menu with gravy spots all over it. "Is the menu in code, Chief?" - "No, the gravy spots are in code."; and
  • the flower shop where she is given a nosegay which comprises part three of the formula where the number of petals on each flower represents a key equation.

99 then takes the three items to Lum Fong's Chinese Hand Laundry where Lum Fong, CONTROL's top cipher expert, is to take the three parts of the Gaul Formula, break them down and put them in a new code which will look like laundry marks inside the collar of a shirt, which will then be sent to one of CONTROL's scientists in Peru.

[Episode #93: "A Tale of Two Tails".]

Reality Check: Gaul was the name of a a region in Western Europe in the last centuries BC which was divided into three parts.