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"Sorry about that Chief"
— Maxwell Smart to the Chief in multiple episodes.

Get Smart was a comedy television series created by Mel Brooks with Buck Henry starring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, a secret agent for the secret government agency CONTROL. It ran from 1965 to 1970, lasting five whole seasons, and spawned a feature film, a TV reunion movie and a sequel series, as well as big-screen remake.


Don Adams portrayed Maxwell Smart

Basic Plot[]

Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, works for a secret Washington-based spy agency called CONTROL which specializes in counter-terrorism against the enemy agency KAOS which has both European and Asian arms. Quite frequently KAOS agents set up business in the Washington DC area. When this happens, the Chief sends Maxwell Smart, along with his frequent partner Agent 99, to stop KAOS in its tracks. However, Max is rather clumsy and often defeats KAOS by unusual means.


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