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October 1965
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Get Smart Novel #1.


When Max Smart, that intrepid secret agent for Control, gets assigned to the Computer Caper, it's the start of a laugh-out-loud adventure through a confusing labyrinth of international spies, UN delegates, Greenwich Village coffee house denizens, and a couple of beautiful girls who don't do much to help him but do liven up the nutty goings-on.

How Max foils the diabolical plot against the Free World makes a zany tale that no self-respecting spy lover can afford to miss.

- from the back cover.




Note: Agent 99 does not appear in this story.




This first novel differs from the televison series in two major ways: the substitution of evil organization FLAG for KAOS as its adversary, and the siting of CONTROL Headquarters in New York City, perhaps due to the fact that the book would had to have been written before the series had started airing and before final details had been nailed down. In fairness, the dialog at the end of the pilot episode does state that KAOS has been destroyed and, although it is clearly stated that CONTROL Headquarters is in Washington, much of the episode's action takes place in New York. Interestingly, two years later, in Episode #63 "The Spy Who Met Himself", it is established that CONTROL maintains HQs in several cities, including New York, thus providing some validation after the fact.