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Script for a stage production adapted by Christopher Sergel from the TV series created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry published by The Dramatic Publishing Company in 1967.

The play consists mainly of a combination of Episode #1: "Mr. Big" (by Brooks and Henry) and Episode #2: "Diplomat's Daughter" (by Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso) with additional gags from other first season episodes along with original dialogue, characters and situations.

It is also noteworthy as the only officially-published Get Smart story to include both Agent 44 and Agent 13.


Under the leadership of the malevolent Mr. Big, the evil organization KAOS plans to steal the powerful Inthermo machine invented by Professor Dante. In order to distract the attention of the counterespionage activities of CONTROL, KAOS also kidnaps a number of blondes from the Hotel Cramley, including Princess Ingrid of Scandinavia.