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Comedy album originally released as a 12-inch LP in 1966

Although consisting primarily of Get Smart episode excerpts, with linking narration written by Buck Henry and performed by Don Adams (as Maxwell Smart) it amounts to an additional episode taking place between the first and second seasons. It is, in effect, the Get Smart clip show that never was.


Max is being pursued by a posse of agents who are shooting at him. He calls CONTROL for help and finds a place to hole up, aware that he may have to make a last stand if help does not arrive in time. All the while, he recalls incidents from the past year's cases.

Track Listing[]

Side One:
  1. Washington 4, Indians 3
  2. School Days
  3. Satan Place
  4. Cone of Silence
  5. Too Many Chiefs - Countersign
  6. The Latest Devices
  7. All in the Mind
Side Two:
  1. The Incredible Harry Hoo [sic]
  2. I'm Only Human
  3. Kisses for Kaos
  4. Plane Sequence [from "The Amazing Harry Hoo"]
  5. Too Many Chiefs - Hotel Sequence
  6. Weekend Vampire
  7. Sorry 'Bout That

The CD reissue also includes bonus tracks of both Barbara Feldon's novelty songs "99" and "Max", originally released as a 7-inch single, and Irving Szathmary's Get Smart theme music.

15. 99 (By Barbara Feldon)
16. Max (By Barbara Feldon)
17. Get Smart