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20 June 2008
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Get Smart (2008) is a film made by Peter Segal


In the movie version of Get Smart, Maxwell Smart begins as an analyst for CONTROL instead of a full agent. While he is respected in his field at CONTROL, Max desperately wants to become an Agent. When Max fails his Agent exam, he goes on a walk, but when he comes back to CONTROL, it has been overrun with KAOS agents who have hacked into the system. Out of sheer desperation, The Chief promotes Smart to Agent, and pairs him up with Agent 99 to infiltrate KAOS and their nuclear program in Russia. Maxwell and Agent 99 attend a Russian banquet hosted by a suspected member of KAOS. They break into his office where they find multiple incriminating files of nuclear trade linking to a underground facility in Moscow. Max disguises himself as a Russian businessman to get in to the hidden factory, where he is greeted by Siegfried, the current head of KAOS. Max is captured and imprisoned. As KAOS agents go after Agent 99, Smart disables a guard and breaks out exploring the factory and places charges. The factory explodes, but Maxwell and Agent 99 get away with the help of a reformed KAOS henchmen. When Smart makes it back to CONTROL, The Chief sends a team of investigators headed by Agent 23 to the factory. Agent 23 reports back that no uranium was found. Max is accused of being a double agent and is locked up. When Max realizes that Agent 23 is the double agent, he breaks out of his cell using a Radio. He steals old CONTROL artifacts including the shoephone and flies to Los Angeles where the nuclear device is positioned. He, Agent 99 and the Chief break into the Disney Symphony hall and stop the conductor from playing the final notes which trigger the bomb, saving the president and several ambassadors.

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