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This article is about an entry in the Get Smart novel series. For the similarly-titled TV movie see Get Smart, Again!.

Get Smart Once Again!

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April 1966
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Get Smart Novel #3.


Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 for Control, has often been confronted by the Forces of Evil. But never before has he been involved in such a vast panorama of intrigue, with the fate of the Free World hanging on his every move.

In Max's possession is the coded KAOS Dooms Day Plan, the only copy in existence, and it is up to him to break the code, decipher the Plan, and save the world from destruction. And this terrifying task must be done on the run, for I. M. Noman, KAOS's master spy, is in pursuit, intent on retrieving the Plan so it can be carried out!

With Peaches Twelvetrees, the beautiful blonde cryptographer, to aid him, Max sets forth for New York, Moscow and Peking, desperately trying to find the key to the brilliantly intricate code while eluding the nefarious Noman, whose India rubber face allows him to change his appearance at will.

Will Max at last be foiled by the evil schemers? Will KAOS snatch back the Doom Day Plan before its dread secret is revealed? Or will Max, once again, outSmart his enemies and save humanity? The free World awaits the answer.

- from the back cover.