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The first edition cover (also produced with a red background).

During 1965 and 1966, the Saalfield Publishing Company produced four Get Smart coloring books, although technically they are all the same book with different covers.

Originally titled Get Smart! Maxwell Smart That Is! A Coloring Book, it was reissued as simply Get Smart! A Coloring Book.

The book consists of eighty 8 x 11 inch pages of line drawings and captions which may be construed as a rudimentary story.

The 1966 reissue cover (also produced with a blue background).

Max, 99, Fang and the Chief (who for some reason is drawn with a full head of hair and a mustache) are depicted in a variety of situations such as Max and Fang undercover at a dog show, an escape from KAOS, and 99's birthday. Some scenes are taken from first-season episodes Mr. Big, Diplomat's Daughter and Kisses for KAOS, while one at bakery anticipates that in The Hot Line by some three years.

Princess Ingrid of Scandinavia also appears, albeit identified only as "a Scandinavian princess", and Max's shoe phone and car are illustrated.