Max meets Gino Columbus at the airport.

Direct descendant of Christopher Columbus, famed as the discoverer of America.

When a document is unearthed in Genoa, Italy, proving that Christopher Columbus claimed the United States for himself, Gino Columbus is named as its legal owner.

He no sooner arrives at Washington airport to look over his property than he is abducted - along with Maxwell Smart who is supposed to be guarding him - by KAOS agents Gemini working for Victor Borgia who attempts to "influence" him into signing ownership of the United States over to KAOS by locking them in a crypt which is being filled with water.

They are rescued by Smart's wife Agent 99 but the experience leaves Columbus only too happy to relinquish ownership of the country, agreeing to sign "the United States back to the United States" at a meeting with the president at the White House.

Portrayed by Vito Scotti [Episode #136: "Hello, Columbus - Goodbye, America"].