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KAOS double agent also known as CONTROL Agent 103.

As 103 Gwendolyn marries fellow CONTROL Agent 102, Hack Dunbar, and honeymoons with him in Bermuda where she takes him prisoner aboard her submarine only then revealing her true identity and motive - the secret formula to the bullet-proof salve a sample of which he has in his possession. Indeed, it turns out that Hack is the seventh man she has married for his secret formula this year.

Hack is rescued and the salve recovered when Max and 99 arrive by dinghy. Ironically, the sub is destroyed when Gwendolyn's own captain accidently sets off an explosion of TNT. The two KAOS agents are last seen submerged in the ocean. Their ultimate fate is unknown but their survival seems unlikely.

[Comic Story #8: "The Billion Dollar Baseball Caper".]

Trivia: Gwendolyn's appearance comes more than two years before that of the likewise much-married Ann Cameron in the television episode "Widow Often Annie".