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CONTROL Agent 102, who, playing for the local Clams baseball team, is assigned to hit a ball inscribed with the secret formula for a new bullet-proof salve over the fence where it is to be caught by Maxwell Smart who is to return it to CONTROL HQ.

When Max fails to get the information, he and 99 follow Dunbar to his home town of Coot City where they learn that he has just left for Bermuda on his honeymoon with new wife Agent 103 unaware that she is really a KAOS agent named Gwendolyn.

Gwendoyn, it turns out, is a serial marrier of men for their secret formulas and Hack becomes a prisoner on her submarine until Max and 99 arrive by dinghy to rescue him and in the process recover a sample of the salve which he has retained. The sub is destroyed when Gwendolyn's own captain accidently sets off an explosion of TNT but her ultimate fate is unknown.

Despite being assured by 99 that "the worst is over", Hack remains down, explaining "you'd be sad, too, if you just lost your eleventh wife".

[Comic Story #8: "The Billion Dollar Baseball Caper".]