Harry may refer to

  • An uncle of Maxwell Smart, presumably the husband of Max's Aunt Rose, although it is not clear which is his blood relative. When Max is shocked to learn that his Aunt Rose was once impersonated by KAOS disguise expert Alexei Sebastian he anticipates that it will come as an even greater shock to Harry, his uncle. [Mentioned, Episode #11: "Too Many Chiefs"].
  • One of three off-duty CONTROL agents participating in a poker game which has been running for more than two years at CONTROL Headquarters . Harry is the heavy winner and the others won't let him quit until they have a chance to get even [Novel #1: "Get Smart!"].
  • Cab driver questioned by Max in his search for the runaway robot named Fred [Novel #1: "Get Smart!"].
  • One of two guards at Typewriters, Computers & Stuff who question Max and Fred's inventor Blossom Rose despite the handicap of having mislaid their rubber hose [Novel #1: "Get Smart!"].
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