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Harry Hoo
First Get Smart Appearance The Amazing Harry Hoo
Additional Episodes Hoo Done It
Affiliation San Francisco Police Department
Gender Male
Famous Quote "Moment Please"

Hawaiian detective working as an inspector with the San Francisco Police Department. He speaks in a heavy Chinese accent.

Working with CONTROL[]

On two occasions Harry Hoo (also spelled 'Who') has worked on cases alongside CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart. In the first, Hoo was summoned to a crime scene in which a man was found dead with a laundry ticket in his suit. After working alongside Agent 86, who had been following the victim on a case, Harry Hoo discovered that the murder was connected to a KAOS smuggling ring hidden in a Chinese laundry . He was able to arrest the Claw who headed the ring. [Episode #25: "The Amazing Harry Hoo".]

Harry Hoo ran into Maxwell Smart again on the island of Towarna. He found Maxwell Smart at a hotel where a string of murders was taking place. After all of the guests had died, Smart and Hoo began to suspect each other of the crimes. They faked shooting at each other in order to lure the criminal out and arrest him. [Episode #38: "Hoo Done It".]

Portrayed by Joey Forman in both episodes.

Reality Check[]

The character is an obvious parody of famed fictional detective Charlie Chan. Many direct references to the Chan character are used, such as the use of the phrase "one moment please" and the character's choice of white suits, which were prominent in the Charlie Chan film series, especially in the films where Chan is played by Sidney Toler.

Favorite Expressions[]

Hoo's dialogue popularized certain expressions that gave his character a stereotypical Asian flavor, such as "moment please" (mentioned above), "two possibilities," and "Please to do so." The latter one went viral in 2011. The photo below is of a banner that let the opening march in Occupy Burlington's 2012 Converge on the Conference actions.