Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Max takes to the keyboard as Wolenska looks on.
Original Air Date March 19, 1966
Writers Stan Burns

and Mike Marmer

Director Gary Nelson
Season One
Episode Number 26
Villain Badeff
Previous Episode The Amazing Harry Hoo
Next Episode Ship of Spies, Part 1
Get Smart Episode #26, Season One.


When CONTROL agent Rudolph Hubert, who is also a virtuoso violinist, is killed at Badeff Concert Hall before he can reveal the identity of KAOS' new Mr. Big, it is up to Max, undercover as music critic Gregory Wilcox with the Chief as editor Franklin Giles, to find any clue Hubert may have left. Little do they know the answer is in Hubert's unfinished symphony.







Reality CheckEdit

The title of this episode refers to the famous unfinished symphony by composer Franz Schubert. Max later mentions this in Episode #108 "Shock It To Me" when he says that the best use of Dr. Zharko's technique of bringing the dead back to life would be to bring back Schubert so that he could finish his symphony.