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Hugo may refer to:

Henchman Hugo.

1. Large, bald henchman of the renegade Dr. Drago who, despite having unfortunately lost the power of speech, harbors ambitions of becoming a big band singer.

Portrayed by William Baskin [Episode #14: "Weekend Vampire"].

Newsstand Hugo.

2. Newsstand operator to whom Max gives a sweater in appreciation for letting him read his horoscope free every day. Hugo is actually a KAOS agent, and he captures Max who is acting as a decoy while the real courier delivers CONTROL's new code. Regrettably, when other CONTROL arrives arrive to rescue Max, one of them finds it necessary to shoot Hugo - right through the sweater [Uncredited, Episode #37: "The Decoy"].

See also: Professor Hugo Dante and Dr. Hugo von Shickel.