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This article refers to Hymie as portrayed by Dick Gautier in the original series and the "Get Smart, Again!" reunion movie. For the character portrayed by Patrick Warburton see Hymie (2008).

First Get Smart Appearance Back to the Old Drawing Board
Affiliation CONTROL, Formerly KAOS
Gender Male Programming
Family None
Famous Quote "My Father's name was Hymie"

Humanoid robot created by the evil Dr. Ratton and named after Ratton's father

Physical Characteristics[]

While Hymie looks completely normal on the outside, he has a massive amount of circuitry underneath his shirt. He is shown to be bulletproof, which Ratton proves by shooting him three times. He is also incredibly strong, as he was able to defeat a live male gorilla in hand to hand combat. He has a supercomputer for a brain with the ability to analyze chemistry and physics equations. For example, when Ratton shot him he was able to tell what kind of bullets hit him and at what speed without examining them. [Episode #19: "Back to the Old Drawing Board"]. He weighs 982 lbs [Episode #46: "It Takes One to Know One"].


Hymie's services were initially acquired for KAOS by their agent Natz for the purpose of kidnapping scientist Dr. Shotwire and capturing Maxwell Smart but a malfunction in his control system gives him independence and when, after returning with Max, 99 and Shotwire as prisoners, Ratton orders him to kill Max he chooses to shoot Ratton instead, because Max was the first one to treat him like a real person. [Episode #19: "Back to the Old Drawing Board"].

After first refusing the invitation, he decides to join CONTROL [sometime before Episode #31: "Anatomy of a Lover"] where he makes friends with Shirley the intercom, Sid the coffee machine, Trudy the noiseless typewriter, and Rex the elevator [Mentioned, Episode #68: "When Good Fellows Get Together"].

Over the next three years, Hymie increasingly discovers his humanity as he becomes the object of a crush by Phoebe, the Chief's niece [Episode #31: "Anatomy of a Lover"]; and experiences love and heartbreak with Octavia [Episode #46: "It Takes One to Know One"]; tries to befriend Groppo, the killer robot sent to destroy him, only to be forced to destroy Groppo himself to save Max's life [Episode #68: "When Good Fellows Get Together"]; defends the honor of his country at a track meet ("I may be a robot but I'm an American robot")[Episode #83: "Run, Robot, Run"]; and, finally, is named Max's best man [Episode #92: "The Worst Best Man"], although that position would ultimately go to Admiral Hargrade instead when Hymie is sent out of the country on a special mission [Mentioned, Episode #94: "The Return of the Ancient Mariner"].

At one point he even serves a stint as the No. 2 Man of CONTROL [Episode #46: "It Takes One to Know One"].

Following CONTROL's deactivation Hymie gets a job as a crash test dummy - until Max reclaims him and he is reprogrammed for spying . . . and shopping, and skiing, everything beginning with the letter 's'. [TV Movie: "Get Smart, Again!".]

Hymie also appears in Novel #8: "Max Smart Loses CONTROL".