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99: "[T]these are pictures taken of Cramer with the managers of the other two clubs. . . that's the same ring that Mr. Upjohn wears, and he says that it's an heirloom-- which means Mr. Upjohn and the two managers are the same person."
Max: "You may be right, 99. We've never seen the three of them together."
99: "Take the glasses and the hair from these two men and put them on Upjohn. What have you got?"
Max: "A surprise for Mrs. Upjohn?"

Get Smart Episode #104, Season Four #18.


Max and 99 investigate after receiving a tip that KAOS is planning to blow up an aerospace center adjoining the Pomona National Golf Club - the third such incident in less than a year.






Weapons and Gadgets[]



  • Footage 1 minute from the end of the episode of an exploding mortar over a golf course is the exact same footage as in Batman 1966 S1e29 The Bookworm Turns (timemark 7 minutes) of an exploding book.  Even the clouds are the same.
  • When Max calls the Chief on his golf shoe, he's holding it upside down from the way Dr. Simon explains it to him.

Reality Check[]

  • The title is a fairly obvious play on a golf score and Max's agent number.