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"Up here in the Arctic you can get away with anything." - Siegfried.

Get Smart Episode #125, Season Five #13.


When it is feared that the world is on the verge of another ice age, Agent 99 and CIA Agent Quigley are sent to the North Pole to investigate...without Agent 86 who is snowed in in Miami Beach along with the Chief!






Weapons and Gadgets[]


  • Yellow Dog Saloon
  • The North Pole


  • Don Adams (Maxwell Smart) appears only in the beginning teaser, as he refused to fully participate in this episode, griping that it was a pale rehash of an earlier segment, and so was replaced by his good friend Bill Dana.
  • According to an onscreen super, the episode takes place in August but this does not seem to be possible. It obviously cannot be August 1970 as this has not happened yet. However, if it is August 1969 this would mean that the entire season so far, including all of 99's pregnancy, has happened in the one month since the moon landing referenced in "Pheasant Under Glass". The alternative scenario would be that astronauts landed on the moon sometime earlier in the Get Smart universe than in our own.
  • This is the final appearance of Siegfried and Starker in the original series, as well as their lone appearances during the CBS season of Get Smart.
  • The theme of KAOS trying to control weather was repeated in the 1989 ABC TV movie Get Smart, Again! which reunited original cast members including Don Adams, Barbara Feldon and Robert Karvelas; and saw the return of Bernie Kopell and King Moody as Siegfried and Shtarker.
  • When the fan is seen, the seam between the background and top of the set can be easily seen as well.


Reality Check[]