Irving may refer to:

1. Name apparently chosen at random by Maxwell Smart when he has to explain the presence of a KAOS agent in his apartment to his Aunt Bertha and Uncle Abner without revealing the nature of his true occupation. When the agent simultaneously introduces himself as Victor, Max changes his version to "Victor Irving". [Episode #12: "My Nephew the Spy".]

2. Unseen presumed owner of Irving's Delicatessen whose culinary abilities leave Max less than impressed: "I don't care what happens to me, but somehow, some place, some time I'm going to put that man behind bars." Chief: "The Blaster." Max: "No, Irving. This corned beef is terrible." [Episode #34: The Only Way to Die".]

3. Cover name used by the Chief when posing as a singing waiter at The Mustache Cup restaurant, a KAOS front. [Episode #84: "The Hot Line".]

4. Bald-headed pistol-brandishing KAOS assassin who attempts to eliminate Maxwell Smart at a bald-headed men's convention in Atlantic City where a KAOS agent is believed to have a secret code tattooed on his scalp [Comic Story #1: "The Hairless Hound Caper"].

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