99 hands over the Obermeyer file to the real Jose Vargas.

Member of the Spanish Secret Service Strategic Security Staff (SSSSSS).

Jose Vargas has a little Chihuahua and a big mustache.

He is due to fly into Washington to pick up the file on Obermeyer - KAOS's number one espionage agent - for transport to Spain where Obermeyer is being put on trial. Unfortunately, the visit coincides with the Chief and Maxwell Smart being called up for duty in the Naval Reserve, leaving Agent 99 to meet with him.

As it turns out, the call-up has been faked by KAOS, knowing that Max and the Chief are the only ones who know Vargas, so they may substitute one of their agents for him and gain possession of the papers. However, when the impostor signs an autograph with his right hand (the real Vargas is left-handed) 99 sees through the ruse and arrests him, ensuring that the file is given to the correct courier.

[Uncredited, Episode #98: "Temporarily Out of CONTROL".]