KAOS’ Summer Headquarters.png
KAOS’ Summer Headquarters.

A mansion in New Jersey that serves as KAOS’ Summer Headquarters. When KAOS kidnapped Professor Phineas Pheasant he was held in a Nuclearized Glass cell in the headquarter's cellar. Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 attempted to rescue the professor but were unable to break the Nuclearized Glass. As the two agents were making their escape Max learned that 99 was pregnant which caused him to run through the manor's perimeter wall. Control planned another rescue attempt where renowned opera singer Madame La Costa would perform at the base and use her voice to break the glass. Madame La Costa initially failed to break the glass with her voice but with able to free the professor by forcefully walking through it. The Chief then reports that they arrested KAOS agents Belasco and Kadinsky and took control of the facility.

[Episode #113: "Pheasant Under Glass"].

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