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This article refers to Larabee as portrayed by Robert Karvelas in the original series and associated productions. For the character portrayed by David Koechner in the 2008 film see Larabee (2008).

First Get Smart Appearance First named in "Ship of Spies, Part 1"
Affiliation CONTROL, PITS
Gender Male
Family Wife

CONTROL operative who progresses from "unidentified agent" to the position of the Chief's assistant, succeeding Hobson in that role.

The first glimpse of someone who may be Larabee is, appropriately enough, of a student at CONTROL's training school [Episode #3: "School Days"]. In the early part of his career he is frequently called upon to escort the prisoners at the conclusion of a mission [e.g. Episode #4: "Our Man in Toyland" & Episode #15: "Survival of the Fattest"] and at one point is seen working in Internal Security at CONTROL Headquarters [Episode #7: "KAOS in CONTROL"]. He is first referred to by name in Episode #27: "Ship of Spies, Part 1" ("Watch the door, Larabee.") and first speaks in Episode #48: "Cutback at CONTROL"].

Little is revealed of Larabee's personal life except that he played "Charley's Aunt" in college (fortuitously, he saved the costume; it made for a nifty disguise later on) [Episode #102: "The Day They Raided the Knights"] and was stationed near Berlin when he was in the Army [Episode #121: "Physician Impossible"]. He is married; his wife is never seen but he telephones her to update her on the day's activities [Episode #110: "Greer Window"] and it is known that she wrestles professionally under the name Battling Biff Bannister [Episode #121: "Physician Impossible"]. Larabee's favorite television show is Dragnet [Episode #109: "Leadside"] and he enjoys crossword puzzles [Episode #126: "Moonlighting Becomes You"].

One reason the Chief never fires Maxwell Smart is because his place would be taken over by Larabee who is even more stupid than Max! [Episode #135: "What's It All About, Algie?".] Larabee's incompetence is legendary. Once he even comes into work at eight o'clock in the evening thinking that it is eight o'clock in the morning - and then thanks the Chief for giving him the rest of the day off! [Episode #119: "And Baby Makes Four".] Ironically, Larabee [in the final scene of the final original series episode, #138: "I Am Curiously Yellow"] inadvertently ends up controlling The Chief (and CONTROL) when he strikes The Whip's mystical hypnotic gong. Perhaps that's why CONTROL finally goes out of business.

After the demise of CONTROL, Larabee, along with other agents including Maxwell Smart, is seen working for PITS - the Provisional Intelligence Tactical Service - where he acts as Max's driver [Movie: "The Nude Bomb". There is disagreement about the context of these events with some arguing that the film takes place in a separate continuity].

Later, when Max is reactivating CONTROL, he discovers Larabee living in the old otherwise-abandoned CONTROL building, still loyally following a fifteen-year-old directive from President Richard Nixon to remain at his post [TV Movie: "Get Smart, Again!"].

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